Laguna Gamagori

Laguna Gamagori


A Translation System In Gamagori Website.

A polyglot translation System was introduced into Gamagori city’s homepage.

Gamagori introduced a polyglot translation system into its official homepage. We can translate Japanese into English, Chinese, and Korean now. We will be able to translate Japanese into Spanish and Portuguese from January next year.
The object in this action was that foreigners who cannot read Japanese will get information like administrative information by reading it.
It seems to be easy system. Just one click let you read your own languages. It is believed that this system would help foreigner who live in Gamagori get emergency information. For example, when disaster happens, they will get information of the disaster.

I think this is happy news for foreigner living in Gamagori. As priority is safety for everyone, people should get trustworthy information equally. I realized that Gamagori city is trying to add more translation. When I left my garbage bags in an open collection area, I found the explanation board with for languages like Japanese, English, Chinese, and Portuguese. I hope it helps foreigners living in Gamagori.


Halloween Events

There is an amusement park named “Laguna Gamagori” in Gamagori City. The theme of the park is a dream seaside. Literally
It’s located near the sea so you can feel the sea breeze and enjoy the ocean view. You can spend all day there. You can do lots of things there; you can try rides, going shopping, going restaurants, and have a hot springs.
There are more attractions.
I always keep my eyes on events on Laguna Gamagori. They have seasonal events. From 3th October to 9th November,
They have a Halloween event. Those who don’t like horror won’t be worried. There are suitable a Halloween event for you. In short, there are two different types of Halloween events in Laguna this year. One is for children and people who don’t like scary event. There are lovely character’s Halloween dancing time. In addition, you can have special Halloween meal in restaurants. If you have a child, your child can wear Halloween costume
As for a scary Halloween event, there is a circus what performers show us their amazing skills, and also there is the collection of monsters from different countries.
Personally, I would like to try some special Halloween menu at a Halloween monster’s café. It’s only opens during this event, and orders should be served by staffs who disguise themselves in monsters.