Laguna Gamagori

Laguna Gamagori


The Gamagori Outboard Race Association Made A Contribution.

One of the famous things in Gamagori is Gamagori outboard motor. It was established after a war so that city could get funds to revive city. It is located in Shiotsu. You can go there from JR Shiotsu. It will take about 5 minutes by walk. I pass over JR Shiotsu station everyday and I often see blight lights at Gamagori outboard race place because they have night races all seasons. It must be exiting if you watch the night race there.
Recently, The Gamagori Ourboard Race Association made a contribution to The Gamagori City Welfare Association. The amounts of funds ware 20,000 Japanese yen. As Gamagori City has been developed by The Gamagori Outboard Race, the Gamagori Outboard Race Association makes a contribution to City annually to show their gratitude.
I would like to know what the funds are being used for in the future.


The Christmas illumination in Laguna. Gamagori.

Have you already planed on Christmas day? In Gamagori city, you can see rare Christmas illuminations. When you arrive at Gamagori stations at night, try to exist from a south entrance. You will be able to see blue colored trees and a ship with lots of lights. It recalls the sea. As Gamagori City has a sea side, there are also original illuminations in Laguna Gamagori. Laguna Gamagori is an amusement park at the seaside. They have just started Christmas illumination from 14th November to 5th January. The illumination is named Kira Kira city. Kira Kira means twinkle in Japanese. It features people with the largest harbor illumination in Japan. I have been there once, and it amazed me a lot. There are 100 boats at seaside, and they are all decorated with lights. Every boat has different designs so we can enjoy appreciating the seaside illumination. It will provide you with the romantic moments.