Laguna Gamagori

Laguna Gamagori


Takeshima Aqua Museum shows you pretty fish.

Gamagori city has an aqua museum called Takeshima Aqua Museum. It is located in Takeshima.
Takeshima is famous for the Takeshima land. Ancient citizens believed that there is a goddess in the land. As people were afraid of the god, they had preserved the land for a long time. The beautiful ocean view and an aqua museum are magnets to tourists. The museum is really small and old but surprisingly it has the largest number of fish in Japan.
You can see swimming fish that you usually see in fish stores. It also has a sea seal. She is clever and charming.
When I was child, I often went there to see cheerful sea seals. I recommend you going the museum. You can enjoy appreciating fish quietly and peacefully. The reason is that the place hardly is crowded. In addition, the admission fee is inexpensive.

Takeshima Aqua museum web


The Gamagori Outboard Race Association Made A Contribution.

One of the famous things in Gamagori is Gamagori outboard motor. It was established after a war so that city could get funds to revive city. It is located in Shiotsu. You can go there from JR Shiotsu. It will take about 5 minutes by walk. I pass over JR Shiotsu station everyday and I often see blight lights at Gamagori outboard race place because they have night races all seasons. It must be exiting if you watch the night race there.
Recently, The Gamagori Ourboard Race Association made a contribution to The Gamagori City Welfare Association. The amounts of funds ware 20,000 Japanese yen. As Gamagori City has been developed by The Gamagori Outboard Race, the Gamagori Outboard Race Association makes a contribution to City annually to show their gratitude.
I would like to know what the funds are being used for in the future.


The Christmas illumination in Laguna. Gamagori.

Have you already planed on Christmas day? In Gamagori city, you can see rare Christmas illuminations. When you arrive at Gamagori stations at night, try to exist from a south entrance. You will be able to see blue colored trees and a ship with lots of lights. It recalls the sea. As Gamagori City has a sea side, there are also original illuminations in Laguna Gamagori. Laguna Gamagori is an amusement park at the seaside. They have just started Christmas illumination from 14th November to 5th January. The illumination is named Kira Kira city. Kira Kira means twinkle in Japanese. It features people with the largest harbor illumination in Japan. I have been there once, and it amazed me a lot. There are 100 boats at seaside, and they are all decorated with lights. Every boat has different designs so we can enjoy appreciating the seaside illumination. It will provide you with the romantic moments.


A Translation System In Gamagori Website.

A polyglot translation System was introduced into Gamagori city’s homepage.

Gamagori introduced a polyglot translation system into its official homepage. We can translate Japanese into English, Chinese, and Korean now. We will be able to translate Japanese into Spanish and Portuguese from January next year.
The object in this action was that foreigners who cannot read Japanese will get information like administrative information by reading it.
It seems to be easy system. Just one click let you read your own languages. It is believed that this system would help foreigner who live in Gamagori get emergency information. For example, when disaster happens, they will get information of the disaster.

I think this is happy news for foreigner living in Gamagori. As priority is safety for everyone, people should get trustworthy information equally. I realized that Gamagori city is trying to add more translation. When I left my garbage bags in an open collection area, I found the explanation board with for languages like Japanese, English, Chinese, and Portuguese. I hope it helps foreigners living in Gamagori.


Halloween Events

There is an amusement park named “Laguna Gamagori” in Gamagori City. The theme of the park is a dream seaside. Literally
It’s located near the sea so you can feel the sea breeze and enjoy the ocean view. You can spend all day there. You can do lots of things there; you can try rides, going shopping, going restaurants, and have a hot springs.
There are more attractions.
I always keep my eyes on events on Laguna Gamagori. They have seasonal events. From 3th October to 9th November,
They have a Halloween event. Those who don’t like horror won’t be worried. There are suitable a Halloween event for you. In short, there are two different types of Halloween events in Laguna this year. One is for children and people who don’t like scary event. There are lovely character’s Halloween dancing time. In addition, you can have special Halloween meal in restaurants. If you have a child, your child can wear Halloween costume
As for a scary Halloween event, there is a circus what performers show us their amazing skills, and also there is the collection of monsters from different countries.
Personally, I would like to try some special Halloween menu at a Halloween monster’s café. It’s only opens during this event, and orders should be served by staffs who disguise themselves in monsters.


Miya Festival Held Two Weeks Ago

One part of village in Gamagori named Miya held a big annual festival from 17th October to 18th October. The festival is called “Miya Matsuri” Matsuri means festival in Japanese. Miya festival has been kept the traditional way to cerebrate it over 300 years. Because Miya village is located at seaside, people cherish their sea and sea resources. The festival is held within two temples, and lots of people come to see and join in the festival. The main event in it is an under the sea performance. Four floats go into the sea to visit other temples. It is the most exciting to see.

Actually, I was born in a Miya village. I am fond of this festival from when I was a little girl and I undoubtedly believe that almost every person living in Miya is proud of this festival. From our ancestors to present, people living in Miya have sticked with the original traditional festival music, dancing, and events. When I was an elementary student, I joined in the festival as a child dancer.
I went to the festival with my family and relatives together in this year, and met lots of friends there. Some of them are also joining in it. I think it is a great thing that young generations try to keep traditional Japanese events like festivals.